Saturday, October 19, 2013

Maurer Sohne's Latest Design: Saturn V

"Your Mission: A thrill-packed voyage through deep space - your starcraft spinning, dodging and weaving among planets, asteroids, and other cosmic surprises as you take the ultimate trip to the magnificent and mysterious rings of Saturns!"

Maurer Sohne and Raven Sun Creative have teamed up to design a new spinning coaster / dark ride combo that is being marketed to regional parks around the globe.

Marketed as Saturn V, the experience is a "cost-effective dark ride attraction that delivers a high performance, high impact experience - one that will have guests coming back again and again."  The attraction is not just a roller coaster ride in the dark, instead Saturn V promises to be fully immersive and filled to the brim with thematic elements.

Raven Sun Creative worked to create a theme and storyline that involves guests, making them a part of the action instead of passive participants.  With experience in designing attractions for companies like Universal Studios, Raven Sun has the expertise needed to pull off a "powerful product at a modest price."

This concept art generally shows off the ride's path along with the elements that the coaster cars would encounter.  On the journey "guests are intrepid star pilots sent on the adventure of a lifetime: a thrilling journey across the cosmic frontier to Saturn.  The pre-show areas combine futuristic architecture, themed lighting, sound and music, multi-media imagery and effects that put guests inside a vivid and involving world."

While on the ride, the coaster, which utilizes single spinning cars, would provide the thrills necessary to keep guests coming back for repeat rides.  The spinning cars help with that as well as each experience will be different from the previous one.

The design looks pretty neat, I hope a park somewhere bites at the plan!  Maurer Sohne is known for their spinning rides, having created many of them in their Xtended SC series of coasters.