Monday, October 28, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - A Kings Island Banshee Update

It was the last day Kings Island would be open for the  2013 season, and the sky was perfect for photography. Here is how much the they have done from the Eiffel Tower. 
The entire lift hill is made of a larger track spine that reduces in size as the track plunges towards the ground. You can see orange and white clearance flag at the top of the crane just under the track.  

This is the lower section of the field of footers. Banshee will have a drop of 218 feet to the lowest part of the track from the top of the lift hill due taking advantage of the terrain. Without a mid-course brake, the faster speed will occur down in the lower level. 

The columns are adjusted into place, and then the hole will be filled with concrete as part of the capping process. Some caps used to protect the track during transport are laying on top of the footer. A whole box of them was already full from the pieces already in place.

The track is less that 8 feet above the ground at the lowest point.  According to Don Helbig, who led the tour, no additional grading of the ground beneath the coaster will be required.

The yellow strap  helps to stabilize the supports until the rest of the loop is in place. 

Here one footer supports columns going in four different directions. It's details like this that help rein in costs by reducing materials and the assembly required.  

Park guests went to many extremes to get a glimpse of the progress to date on Banshee. 

Both ends of the loop following the first drop are in place but the rest of it is still to be done. It was reported by Don that the track color will be called Mystic Red, and it appears to change depending on the angle of illumination. 

 A nice artsy shot of the work completed to date.

 This view is looking up at at the first drop. It goes any which way but straight as goes right down almost to the ground.

The uncompleted first loop from the side with part of the crane in the back ground. The crane was not attached to the track or supports. 

The queue will be just to left of the lift in this photo. Don didn't share any details concerning it but he did say some of the tombstones presently by the fence will be spread throughout the ride and highlighted at night. Thanks to both Don Helbig and Kings island for this fun way to top off a Sunday afternoon. Coming in April 2014, it's Banshee at Kings Island.