Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Construction Moving Quick at Dollywood for FireChaser Express

© DWFansite via Facebook
While we had to wait a bit to see the full layout and details on Dollywood's FireChaser Express, the park has been moving full force on the coaster's construction.

DWFansite was on the scene this past weekend, and has shared a gallery of construction shots on their Facebook page.  Now that we've seen the path the coaster will take the location of the footers make a lot more sense.

And speaking of those footers, they've got a lot in place already!  Stretching across the mountainside are plenty of footings just waiting for steel to go on top, which at this pace shouldn't be all that far off.  There's one set of four extremely tall footers as well, which I'm a bit curious about.  You'll see what I mean in the photos, but I'm not sure if these are for the actual ride or a supporting structure.  Looks great so far, either way!