Sunday, October 20, 2013

From The Vault: Michigan's Adventure 1996 Brochure

I actually pulled out Michigan's Adventure's 1995 brochure to scan for this week's From The Vault, but realized that I had already featured that here on NPN - almost five years ago already! The next logical choice was the 1996 brochure, which looks an awful lot like the '95 version, but let's take a look anyway.

This brochure is extremely straightforward, and I like that.  The cover quickly explains that there is both an amusement and water park on the grounds.  The back cover, like a good back cover of the 1990s should, gave all the details you needed to plan a trip.  We have a nice grid calendar of operating days, admission prices, and a map!  Note that the admission fee was only $16 for an adult - looks like it's around $30 nowadays.

The next section of the brochure shows off all that is new to the park.  1995 was actually when Adventure Falls, a large shoot-the-chutes ride, was added - but a big ride like that deserved some space of its own the following year as well.

The actual new ride for 1996 was Chaos, a spinning and flipping flat ride that eventually caused quite a bit of chaos at the park... not the fun kind though.

The large fold out section in the center has a nice collage of different rides and slides that Michigan's Adventure offers visitors.  Naturally there are plenty of smiling and laughing faces in the shots!  This brochure is of course pre-Cedar Fair purchase, when it was still a family run park.  The water park - WildWater Adventure - even features "heated, clean, filtered water" thank goodness!  Hmm... not the type of thing you often see listed in a corporate park's advertising, now is it. 

The water park actually received a big addition the year after this one and remains one of the park's strongest draws - and I'm sure it still features clean water!


Unknown said...

Nice to see my home park get some recognition.