Friday, October 25, 2013

Cedar Fair Has a Centurion in Mind + Leadership News

Cedar Fair recently trademarked the name Centurion for a new amusement park ride.  The mark is good for both the name of an amusement ride as well all the usual merchandise and other goods that come along with similar past filings.

So where could Centurion be headed?  I could take a guess, based mostly on recent news that has popped up... but nothing is for certain.  A Centurion was in charge of a century in the Roman army, so the title has a bit of strength, leadership and authority to it.  Makes for a good coaster name, if you ask me. 

If you remember Banshee was trademarked by the company in April of 2013, and we now know that was for Kings Island's 2014 coaster.  With nothing named Centurion coming in 2014 to any parks we can assume this is a 2015 project, which means they are way ahead of the ball on this one.  Must be some sort of rather large project!

In other Cedar Fair news, the company has extended CEO Matt Ouimet's contract by two years, keeping him on board through at least the end of 2016.  They also adjusted some details related to his salary, but all I personally care about is the fact that he's sticking around.  I think the additions this year, and to an even larger extend next year, really show off his influence - and it's one that many of us really like for the parks.

Here's to at least a couple more years of the revitalized growth at the company, I'm looking forward to it!