Sunday, October 6, 2013

From The Vault: Whalom Park 1990s Brochure

Anyone remember Whalom Park?  It was located in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, and operated for over one hundred years - from 1893 to 2000 to be exact.  Unfortunately it bit the dust to make way for a planned condo complex, putting to end the life of one of the oldest trolley parks on the globe.

This brochure was sent to me in the final years of operations, however, it appears as though it might have been printed for the park's 100th anniversary which would have been several years earlier.

Whalom Park got its name from the adjacent Lake Whalom.  I guess the whale character that was used in the logo was a play on the lake's name - WHALEom Park - get it?  Anyway, the park was small, and contained many classic rides that had been around for what seemed like ages.  A trip to Whalom was certainly nothing like going to Six Flags New England, or even Canobie Lake Park.  It had a very 'untouched' feeling when I visited, but reminded visitors via atmosphere that there were decades upon decades of history that took place on the grounds.

I have to admit, the quotes they used on this brochure are pretty hilarious.  Whether that was the intention or not I'll never know!

Whalom Park's ride selection included a 1914 Looff Carousel, a Mangels Whip, and a Tumble Bug - so there were some really classic pieces that as far as I know bit the dust when the park was closed (or sold as pieces as with the Carousel).  There were other flats like a Yo-Yo and Ferris Wheel, also some water slides set along the shore of the lake, a handful of kiddie rides, fun house, and more.

I also received this post card from the park, of their Flyer Comet wooden roller coaster.  Unfortunately this also became a pile of rubble.  The ride opened in 1940 and was designed by Vernon Keenan.  Standing around 65 feet tall the ride utilized a simple double figure eight layout and gave a rough and tumble, yet fun, ride when I got the chance to take a spin.