Thursday, October 10, 2013

Cookie's Monster Land to Debut at Sesame Place in 2014

Pennsylvania's Sesame Place will renovate a section of the theme park next year in order to prove once and for all that C is indeed for Cookie!  Brand new will be Cookie's Monster Land, a section of the park that will feature a three story net climb and kid-friendly play areas along with five rides.

From the press release, it sounds as though a center section of the park is being modified and changed into the new Cookie themed area.  The park has had a large net climb area for some time and that seems to be the focused location of the changes.

The rides listed in Monster Land include Captain Cookie's High "C's" Adventure, a spinning flat ride, Oscar's Rotten Rusty Rockets, the Honker Dinger Derby, Monster Mix-Up and Flying Cookie Jars, which take guests up 40 feet into the sky.  From the descriptions it sounds like a couple existing rides - a tea cup ride and balloon ride especially - may be rethemed as part of the renovation.

The Monster Clubhouse will be the new name of the giant net climb structure, sure to keep kids busy for a long time.  For toddlers the Mini Monster Clubhouse will provide smaller and less involved play activities.

Cookie's Monster Land will also include a photo with the characters section, food and retail locations.  Additional details on the expansion will be released as the winter progresses.