Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Scott And Carol Present - A Kings Island Banshee Update


A crane, a sign touting a new ride for next year, and a finished lift hill. What more could a Kings Island fan require, other than for winter to pass quickly so we can all go ride.

The skyline is changing once again at Kings Island. This view from the drop off, unfortunately into the sun, shows how Banshee will change first impressions next season.

This wider view from the Eiffel Tower shows the completed lift hill and first drop, with quite a few footers scattered around the site. Of the pieces laying on the ground, the blue is supports and the red is the track. 
Right now, there are more extra track pieces than supports on site, at least that we could see. Plenty of room for a construction staging area since Son of Beast was removed.
 Here is the top of the lift hill and the first drop, with a bonus of Flight Deck screaming around the turn in the background.

 The bottom of the curving drop pulls out just above ground level. Many of the footers support multiple columns going in many different directions.

When you look carefully at the blue supports you can see just how close to the ground Banshee riders legs will be, and this should greatly enhance the perception of speed while they also fly through the support columns on both sides. 

The transfer track has been pushed out of the way and you can see room for all three Banshee trains. Much of the time the transfer section is the last to be put up due to leaving room to remove the crane but that varies due to site limitaions. Adena is the company putting all the pieces together, they do a lot of work for Cedar Fair. 

These girls probably won't be tall enough to ride next spring, but park guests of all sizes are excited about Banshee. Dad took turns giving both girls a good look. We all are looking forward to Banshee, the new ride scheduled to open next April. Ah to be able to hibernate all winter, and just wake up when the park is open and be able to jump on the new roller coaster. Wouldn't that be a wonderful life?