Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Initial Plans for the Cyclone Racer's Return Forming

Nu-Pike's Cyclone Racer - Long Beach, CaliforniaA new proposal to rebuild the famous Cyclone Racer in Long Beach, California, will at least get a feasibility study completed, according to a recent news report.

The Long Beach city council voted to take a deeper look into the proposal, which was spearheaded by a local fan of the ride.  Named Larry Osterhoudt, the resident has had a long love affair with the double-track coaster, and has even built a model of part of the ride in his home.

The Cyclone Racer operated from 1930 until 1968, and was designed by Frederick Church and built by the infamous Harry Traver.  The ride was quite massive, stretching out toward the ocean on a pier and featuring nearly 4,000 feet of track per side. 

The ride could possible be built as part of The Pike, an entertainment area along the water which is named after the amusement area that once called the land home.  It was also generally the original location of the Cyclone Racer.  The current incarnation of The Pike sounds like it could use a boost, and hence the proposal for the massive wooden coaster.

While there is a long, and I mean long, road between here and anyone riding the recreated coaster, I always think it's fun to look back and history and entertain some 'what ifs.'  If nothing else it's a great reason to read about some older coasters that many of us never got to experience!