Saturday, October 26, 2013

Garfield Gets New Theme Park Representation

ITPS's Dennis Speigel and Garfield
PAWS Inc, the company behind the popular Garfield cartoon series, has announced that the brand will now be represented by International Theme Park Services (ITPS).  The partnership is intended to "introduce the iconic Garfield the Cat character to the domestic and international theme park industry."

"ITPS has been retained to introduce Garfield as a highly popular and highly marketable character in the theme park industry. Garfield's presence will add to the fun and the fantasy experience theme park patrons enjoy by enabling visitors to encounter and interact with this much-loved character. The inclusion of Garfield and his doggy pal Odie will also allow the theme park to have a competitive edge in marketing efforts by offering brand identity."

The famous Garfield comic strip debuted in 1978 and holds the record for being the most widely syndicated cartoon strip.  The brand has resulted in countless books, TV shows and specials, and million of fans around the globe.

Garfield can already be found at a select few theme parks, such as Silverwood in Idaho.  The partnership will be trumpeted at the upcoming IAAPA trade show for the amusement industry, and Dennis Speigel of ITPS has indicated interest from several parks already.

So fair warning to parks everywhere, hide all your food!