Sunday, July 22, 2012

Take a Ride on The Storm

The ride may not open until next year, but the Storm at Italy's Etnaland is already being shown off by its designer Mack Rides.  And for good reason!

The new coaster appears to be quite a bit like a smaller version of Europa Park's Blue Fire, though I guess I already pointed that out earlier

Still, even though the similarities go down to the very color of the ride, there's plenty to be excited about.  After a 105 foot lift hill and steep drop the Storm takes riders over a series of air-time hills and quick transitions into swooping curves.  The ride ends with a surprise inversion, a nice twist not far above the ground.

Plus, it's got some nice looking purple trains.  I would love to take a spin!


Surya said...

This looks like a good ride, and the fact that is has more airtime and less inversions than Blue Fire is a plus in my book :)
It would have been cool if it featured the Blue Fire launch though