Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hurricane Harbor New Jersey Opens King Cobra

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, located adjacent to Six Flags Great Adventure in New Jersey, has opened a first-of-its-kind water slide in the U.S., named King Cobra.

"King Cobra promises one of the most extreme riding experiences in the industry while also delivering great spectator appeal. Complete with bold red, black and white scales to resemble a massive cobra on both the interior and exterior, this slide tower is the first of its kind anywhere in the United States, and its opening is presented by Kia Motors"

© Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
The experience starts as two riders, each on their own tube, depart from the loading area and race through both open and enclosed slide sections, twisting their way downward in both light and darkness.

Before long the riders find themselves plummeting down a 25 foot drop at a 50 degree angle, hitting a possible maximum speed of 32 miles per hour.

© Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
After that sudden drop the riders slide up into the open mouth of the Cobra, complete with giant fangs spraying water down at them.  After a few oscillations up either side of the slide the tubes come to a stop and riders exit.

The debut of King Cobra marks the first major instillation for the slide's manufacturer, Polin, in North America.  I have a feeling it won't be their last!