Thursday, July 12, 2012

Conneaut Lake Park: Still Ticking

Conneaut Lake Park's struggles have been ongoing and haven't seemed to cease much in recent years, but there have been some bright spots along the way.   For instance two years ago the northwestern Pennsylvania park's roller coaster was reopened by Leonard Adams' Structural Technologies company, and this year he is running the park's midway and rides via Adams Amusements.

Still, the crowds have never really returned to the park, and much of it sits in a state of disrepair.  This season has seen plenty of in-fighting between former operators and the park's trustees, along with a rash of suspicious fires.  The number of attractions that are open is lower than ever, but still the property pushes on.

If you're unfamiliar with the park's history, browse through our posts about Conneaut Lake here.  Sabrina and I visited the season before the Blue Streak reopened, and things looked promising then - but it seems like that glimmer of hope is always around.  The ride operator we spoke to, who was so positive about the changes they had lined up, pulled out of the park and along with him went those plans. has a new story about the park that details where it stands today, and where things may go in the future.  Sounds like Adams' company will be back next year, which is promising, especially since he says he's invested $100,000 into the park already.