Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Scott and Carol Present - Wooden Warrior at Quassy

Quassy Amusement Park opened in 1908 on the shores of Lake Quassapaug as the Lake Quassapaug Amusement Park at the end of the trolley line outside of Middlebury, CT.

Originally a picnic park, with swimming in the lake, over the years they park has slowly expanded to now featuring over two dozen attractions for both children and adults.

The Mad Mouse, an Allen Herschell Monster Mouse, presiding over the lakefront since 1983, was replaced by the Wooden Warrior for the 2011 operating season.

The Gravity Group was selected to provide the new ride. “They really put it together with the second plan,” said George Frantzis, II, one of the Quassy owners.

“We need a strong family ride to replace our aging steel family coaster, yet we wanted it to fit into a small space without intruding into the large athletic field and changing the tree lines. This design met these requirements.

Korey Keipert, one of the ride designers from Gravity Group, offered these comments about the ride while plotting the center line in the park. “This will be a laughing out loud ride for the entire family but maybe a white-knuckler for a youngster. It will be the first coaster for many young children to ride.

Wooden Warrior is placed at the front section of the park beside the driveway into the parking lot. The added curbside appeal has changed the look of the park, for before all that was visible there were picnic pavilions and the occasional train going by.

The 32 feet tall structure jumps out and says fun is here to anybody driving by the lake. Anybody seeing the train speeding along at a maximum of 35 miles per hour is sure to be tempted into the park.

Using the natural topography of the park, The Gravity Group engineers simulated the ride of a 45 foot tall coaster with the big drop behind the Grand Carousel.

With between eight and nine airtime moments that deliver significant moments of air, the action does not slow down until the train hits the brakes outside the station.

The 1200 foot long track reverses itself through a tunnel and crosses over the train tracks twice.

As the inaugural ride featuring the Timberliner trains, they are both comfortable and smooth, gliding over the track like you are riding on air.

Without the sharp jerks associated with other trains on very tight curves, the ride is very surreal for the first time, but then you appreciate the smoothness

The restraints make most riders feel secure, but still allow for rider’s freedom of movement without bumping into restraining sidewalls or seat dividers, that could cause some issues.

The line for the Wooden Warrior moved much faster than the line at the old Monster Mouse, and delivers a greater fun quotient.

So with this addition, Quassy has increased the capacity of their signature attraction, made Wooden Warrior more visible, established something more for train riders to experience, and introduced a new ride vehicle for wooden coasters.

The fact that it is a wooden family coaster that goes beyond the standard track layout junior coasters that are already operating is a bonus for coasters lovers everywhere

Even grandparents can ride this with the grandchildren while reliving the thrills of days gone by. Congratulations to Quassy, we should not have waited so long to visit.


Surya said...

Truly a fantastic ride, with great ride ops. It was totally worth the detour when we went by there last year. We only spent 30 minutes at the park, but managed to ride this great ride 9 times. The back row seems to be the best.
If you're ever in the area, make sure to make the trip!