Monday, July 23, 2012

SeaWorld Orlando Teases Antarctica Ride

Still no full reveal of SeaWorld Orlando's new Antarctica dark ride, but the park has released a new video that gives us some additional hints:

Don't the cars remind you of big bumper cars? And isn't that baby penguin really cute?

Really, though, the rumored trackless ride system will be pretty cool, moving guests through the ride in close proximity to the penguins that call the exhibit home.  The trackless nature means that it will easily appear that the ride vehicles are gliding over the ice as they move.  It also appears as though visitors will walk past the animals with only a low themed guard wall in between them.

I'm excited to see more of the dark ride portion of Antarctica, naturally.  Since they take the time to show an animated penguin family in the clip I'd wager that they'll be the focus of the ride as well.

While not the most recent photos of the attraction's construction site, these shots from earlier this month show that a large show building has started to go up on the site at SeaWorld Orlando.