Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturday Browsing - China's Jurassic Dream

I took notice of this project while browsing around today, it's called Jurassic Dream and it is a large indoor theme park currently being built in China.

The images seen here are concept art for the 13 acre park which has been designed by Thinkwell.  You can see the dome that will cover the park in the images, which will allow the park to operate year round.

The park has been tailor made to appeal to Chinese locals.  According to an article in Fast Company, "Other attractions include a gigantic walk-through exhibition where guests are "attacked" by animatronic raptors, dinosaur-themed roller coasters, flyable pteranodons, a brachiosaurus half-pipe ride, a nightly Las Vegas-styled water show in a gigantic indoor lagoon, a "fire and water" theme show based on Chinese mythology, and rides for children."

Here is a drawing of the coaster that Thinkwell has dreamed up for the park.  In other drawings and models of the park there also appears to be hanging coaster that's very similar in style to Pteranodon Flyers at Islands Of Adventure.

The park's nighttime spectacular looks pretty cool, too. These concept images show how different parts of the park will have images projected on them as part of the show, along with the lagoon's fountains and other special effects.

I'm a bit envious of all the amazing park projects going on in China lately.  Don't get me wrong, the new rides and attractions in the U.S. are great, too, but there are just so many unique parks opening or recently opened in China.

All images © Thinkwell.