Monday, July 23, 2012

Aerial Antics: Cedar Point Updated

Google has updated their aerial images of one of many people's favorite amusement parks, Cedar Point.  The images aren't just new, they're really new - taken after the park had already opened for the 2012 season.  That means lots of new things to see!

A hub of new activity for Cedar Point's 2012 season is the newly redesigned Iron Dragon midway, now called Celebration Plaza.  At the top is the stage that was built for Luminosity, which is a large nighttime production.  The surrounding midway has been changed, creating some curvy features that are a break from typical Cedar Fair designs.

At the bottom of the image is the former home of the Wildcat roller coaster, removed just a short time before the park opened for the year.  Looks like they were maybe getting ready to add bleachers for Luminosity when this photo was taken.

Last year's addition to the park, Windseeker, can be seen proudly jutting out onto the beach on the edge of the park.  The large plaza that was created for it, filled with brick pavers, is also quite noticeable from the air.

You can also get in your final views of Disaster Transport and the Space Spiral before they head out of the park in the name of progress.

With the Paddlewheel Excursions now retired, the bridge to Dinosaurs Alive! can be seen crossing over the lagoon.  The trail leads visitors through Millennium Island past plenty of big dinos, some of which you can even see from the sky.

Another recent addition to the park, Shoot the Rapids, travels over the lagoon and also utilizes Millennium island.  Both trips over the water result in a big splash down!

Never too early to start on preparations for HalloWeekends, the park has paved a path going under Maverick's layout.  Rumored to be for a replacement for Terror Island, which was displaced when the dinosaurs moved in.

Finally, one last change that just took place for this season was the addition of a new racing slide tower in Soak City, named Dragster H2O.  The other existing slides in the park were also painted a selection of bright colors, giving the park a fresh new feel.

There's probably plenty of other changes that I've missed on my little tour, so you can head over to Google and check them out yourself!