Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dorney Park Update 7.12.12

I haven't done a Dorney Park update since the park opened for the 2012 season, so I figured it was about time to check out what was going on at the park.

Talon is greeting guests to the park with its brand new looking paint job... well that's because the paint job is still pretty new.  Looking really, really good.  It's amazing how you forget what a ride can look like after you see it in faded status for a number of years.

Here's another one that seems hard for me to believe, that Steel Force is 15 years old in 2012!  The 'old' gal is still running well, and the entrance sign looks like it got some work for the anniversary, as well.

I know it is only mid-July but the park is already hard at work on this year's Haunt.  The park's General Manager tweeted a photo of the inside of the former Club Blood building totally gutted earlier this year, and now the outside has been transformed as well.

Gone are almost all signs that Club Blood was ever located here, and as you can see a large new structure is being built in front of the building.  I haven't a clue what it will be, but I'm certainly eager to find out.  Especially with those two tall beams sticking up like that.

I thought for a second this was more of a new haunt going up behind White Water Landing, then realized that it is part of the ship that was used in Cut Throat Island in front of some sort of big temporary building.

Over at Dinosaurs Alive I took notice of this neat map that's at the ticket stand, which is a blueprint of the area showing the exact layout of all the dinosaurs, etc.  These are the type of things that park fans love to look at!

Inside the Dinostore I noticed this little critter, which seems to be quite lost.  If you look closely at his tag he's here all the way from Canada!  Who knew dinosaurs traveled so far!

We shall end with this photo of Steel Force towering over Thunderhawk.  I guess I should have waiting until the trains were on the lifts, huh!


Unknown said...

Nice update! I wonder if Club Blood could be gone for this season.

NewsPlusNotes said...

Yes, Club Blood is now a part of history.

Unknown said...

That's a bummer; I was thinking that they could maybe have a new layout like Club Blood at Kings Dominion.