Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Get Ready for 385 Feet at Six Flags New England

Six Flags New England has gained approval from local authorities to build what should be the world's tallest Star Flyer ride for the park's 2013 season.

While it is a shame to have plans spoiled by having to make them public, this plan is so exciting that without full details I think this might just add buzz to the park's future announcement.  The news report about the approval says the ride will be named "Star Flyer" but I'm sure a more creative name will be used.  Then again, 385 feet is quite a bit closer to the stars than most rides get you!

The ride will take up residence in the Northern end of the park, in the location of the soon-to-be former Sky Coaster ride, named Dare Devil Dive.

To make the approval even sweeter, the zoning board granted permission for the park to make the ride up to 410 feet tall without having to revisit them.  This is to ensure the park can claim the world record should another park building something larger.

Rumor is that another Six Flags park will receive a similar ride, but will it be as tall, forcing the two towers to share the record?  From an advertising perspective I guess it doesn't matter, since each could still be billed as the tallest.