Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Rattler Slithers Away From Six Flags Fiesta Texas

From Sabrina's Trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas has confirmed that the park's large wooden roller coaster, known as The Rattler, will "slither away" on August 5th, when the park will bid the ride farewell.

The coaster has been heavily modified over the years, and is currently known for providing a less than stellar ride experience.  Designed by John Pierce, the ride has some impressive statistics:  179 feet tall with a 124 foot drop (that once was 166 feet) and 5,080 feet of track.  It also uses the park's unique location of being in the former quarry to its advantage, with parts of the track both above, below and even through the cliffs.

The Rattler has been heavily rumored to be receiving a makeover like the Texas Giant received at Six Flags Over Texas, using prefabricated steel "Iron Horse" topper track.  I've stayed away from the wood vs. steel coaster debate, but if the Rattle makes a similar change one this is for sure - it'll be a totally different ride when it reopens.

But that's only an if at this point.  The park has only said that come August 5th the ride will close, not being totally clear on if it will be torn down or rebuilt.  This will be one story to watch as the Summer goes by!