Friday, July 13, 2012

Disaster Transport and Space Spiral To Be Retired From Cedar Point

With one little tweet Cedar Point has confirmed that both Disaster Transport and Space Spiral will be removed from the park in anticipation of a new attraction, rumored to be a new roller coaster.  Well, they also put out a full press release, but I happened across the tweet first.

Disaster Transport will take visitors on a trip through outer space, landing them safely in Alaska, for the last time on July 29th.  The Space Spiral closing date is not yet determined, but the park states that it will be closer to Labor Day.

They're on their way to Alaska!
Disaster Transport first opened in 1985 as Avalanche Run, and was rethemed and enclosed in 1990.  According to Cedar Point, the coaster has given over 30 million rides since its debut. 

The two rides will be removed to "make better use of prime space in the front of the park and enhance the overall appearance of that corridor," though most believe a large new ride will utilize that space in 2013.

To celebrate Disaster Transport's history at the park Cedar Point is having a final rider event, named Disaster Transport Final Dispatch: A Mission for the Kids.  Anyone who registers with Give Kids the World and pays a $20 feel and raises $50 will be able to attend a private party held on the ride's closing night.

Interested parties can read more about the festivities - which will include a final ride with the lights on for the 50 top bidders - and register at Give Kids the World's website.

The winds of change are most definitely blowing at Cedar Point!


Surya said...

I thought it was already well know they are removing those rides to make room for a new big B&M wing rider?