Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Zingo For Sale

The popular Zingo wooden roller coaster that once stood at Bell's Amusement Park, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is now for sale on EBay.

In the $400,000 listing the seller offers to sell the complete ride, or break it up into two lots.  The first would be all the ride's lumber and the second would be the train, track, gears, etc.  So while the ride could possibly be moved, it also sounds like the seller would be happy to accommodate the parts going for scrap.

Bell's operated at the Tulsa State Fairgrounds for over 50 years until its operating lease was pulled in 2006.  Since then the park operators have been looking to open a new Bell's at a different location, but it's been a long struggle that has not been successful.

The Zingo first opened in 1968 and was designed by John Allen and built by PTC.  When it came down it was carefully dismantled so that it could eventually be moved and reopen.  Depending on how this sale turns out it looks like that dream may come to an end.