Monday, January 10, 2011

Alabama Adventure Working On Buzzsaw Falls

© Alabama Adventure

One project we haven't covered construction of yet during the off-season is Alabama Adventure's new Buzzsaw Falls shoot-the-chutes water ride.  The park has cleared a nice big space for the ride on the hill near the Space Shot.  Doesn't look like they are much further than that at this point, but these ride's aren't as massive or complex as a new coaster, for instance.  Hopefully the ride will take the hillside to its advantage, they always look great set like that.

On another note about the ride, I noticed in a press released that the winner of the ride naming contest was anonymous so the park is donating the grand prize to the Ronald McDonald House charity.  Now the park will bring families from the local Ronald McDonald House to be the first to splash on Buzzsaw Falls.  A great move by the park!