Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mish Mash of Ride Updates

Time for one of those updates where we check in with many parks to see the progress of their 2011 rides and attractions.  Up first is Six Flags Over Texas, which has added new photos of the New Texas Giant to their construction page. With the ride's track complete the park has begun to focus on adding the ride's brakes, station transfers, and control panel.  Shouldn't be long before trains are testing!

Six Flags Great Adventure also just posted some new Green Lantern shots - with most of the footers in place the ride should start to "stand up" (pun intended) soon!

Ride Entertainment Group has posted some pictures of the SkyScreamer rides being fabricated - soon they will live at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Six Flags St. Louis.  That's one big A!

Six Flags Over Georgia's Dare Devil Dive is still making progress as well.  The land for the ride has been totally flattened and cleared of the rides and buildings that used to occupy it.  That means a sea of footers will no doubt start popping up any day.

The WindSeeker rides going into several Cedar Fair parks are at various stages of construction.  Cedar Point is getting ready to pour the concrete foundation, while Canada's Wonderland has already started that task.  Kings Island, pictured on the right, also plans to start to pour that massive foundation later this week.  Knott's Berry Farm hasn't started any construction yet, as it seems they haven't narrowed a location in the park for the ride yet.

Worlds of Fun is working hard to get ready for Planet Snoopy's debut next Spring.  They've cleared out much of the former Camp Snoopy area, which will receive all new pavers and landscaping... and of course rides.