Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Peek Inside The Black Diamond

One of the attractions I'm most looking forward to in 2011 is Knoebel's Black Diamond indoor coaster / dark ride.  It's got all the components of a ride that would interest me greatly.

For one, it's a classic attraction that was saved by the park (which is Knoebel's way of doing things) when Morey's could no longer keep it sitting on their pier.  The historical aspect of the ride alone would get me there to check it out.

Secondly, it's at Knoebels.  Enough said.

It's also not only a coaster but also a dark ride, which is pretty much the perfect combination for me.  A recent DAFE article mentions that the interior scenes are being done by J.M.M. Studios out of New Jersey.  The coal mining theme is will underway inside the ride, and promises to be expertly done.

If you're interested in waiting until the ride opens to see any of the scenes inside, then ignore this link.  If you do want a peek at the ride then check out this gallery that DAFE has on their website.  I'm really liking what I see - the combination of miners and skeletal miners is just creepy enough - a perfect fit for Knoebels!

These photos are © Knoebels, from their Facebook.