Monday, January 10, 2011

The Blocks Are Rising In Florida

The Ledger has published a nice article taking a look the current status of Legoland Florida, set to open this coming October.

The park's massive transformation is well underway, as seen in a gallery of included shots.  Much of the park has been cleared of former attractions with new ones currently going up.  Photos include one of the Castle that the Dragon Coaster will utilize, which makes me wonder if they will reuse the Vekoma junior ride Cypress Gardens had, or build an entirely new coaster.

A few children's rides, including the Aquazone Wave Racers are also featured.  The park is also working to move about 660 trees during the renovations, a truly commendable act.  Several large ones were moved into the space where Miniland will reside, making it cool and comfortable.

Check out the Ledger's full article at this link.