Friday, January 7, 2011

Knott's Begins Work On WindSeeker

Knott's Berry Farm has selected a location and started working on WindSeeker, the park's 301' tall thrill ride for 2011.  Unlike the park's previous announcement, the ride will not replace the park's aging Sky Cabin.  Instead, it will be located in Fiesta Village in between the entrance to the Jaguar coaster and the park's Carousel.

The change in location will require the removal of the park's Fiesta BBQ Mexican restaurant.  The late decision to move the ride's location now has the park suggesting an opening between Memorial Day and the 4th of July - a rather large window of time.  The Sky Cabin will eventually be reopened, according to Knott's.

The location will be a tight fit, coming within three feet of other rides and requiring one of Silver Bullet's supports to be moved, according to the Orange County Register.

The park scouted other locations in the park, such as Charleston Square (near where Demon Drop would have been placed), but that would have required the removal of the famous fountain located there.

Knott's posted some shots of the area where the ride will go up on their Facebook after the announcement.


Randydorney said...

I wonder why they made a quick move to a different location? Could this mean that there could be a possible future ride coming soon down in the near future?

Sounds strange to me to make a quick change of plans, but I guess one way to cut corners to save money these days. Even amusement parks are ones getting hit too in the still recovering ression.

Unknown said...

The moves has me wondering what Knott's has planned for the original Boardwalk location. Something big? That part of the park needs a draw.

Fiesta Village is fairly lively, although the spot chosen for Wind Seeker is a little off the main drag.

Ace Vidal said...

Knott's Sky Cabin is staying now since its Knott's Landmark which cannot be removed from the Park.