Saturday, January 22, 2011

Weekly Rewind 1.22.11

This was a good year to work at Universal Orlando - the record crowds that Harry Potter brought means soaring profits for the parks.  And to celebrate the resort's thousands of employees just received bonuses.  Cha-ching!

Six Flags Great Adventure showed off some more photos of the Green Lantern's progress this week.  It looks like half the lift hill was up when the photos were taken.

The Magic Kingdom was showing off its new Castle light projection show for media recently.  Each night guest's photos and experiences will be projected as part of the show.  Take a peek here.

Conneaut Lake's quest to raise another $50k from the Pepsi Refresh Challenge is still going on, though the idea is not in the top 10 that would receive funding as of now.  Vote here if you like.

Wild Adventures new slide tower was recently completed.  For a gallery of the tower when it was going up, look here.  Family raft rides are always a blast!

The Zippin Pippin is blanketed in snow, and that makes the structure even more pretty.  Work on the coaster continues despite freezing temperatures.

Martin's Fantasy Island has decided to call their new thrill ride Mind Warp.  I think that's perfectly fitting for a crazy flat ride like that!

Two former Six Flags executives have purchased another water park, this time Ocean Breeze in Virginia.  The duo purchased Nashville Shores in 2009 and have been expanding it since.

Galaxyland Amusement Park and World Waterpark at Canada's West Edmonton Mall will see expansions this year.  The park will add new family rides, and the water park will see new slides, including an Aqua Loop.

A year ago Schlitterbahn announced a new development in Cedar Park Texas, and it seems the project is having some funding trouble.  The difficult lending market is to blame, but those involved say the project is still a go - just delayed a bit.