Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gardaland's Raptor

Looks like the ride that we believe to be named X-Raptor (at least I did!) at Gardaland will really just be named Raptor.  At least we already know its a great name for a B&M coaster!

The park didn't just quietly announce the name, instead they had Alex Bellini, known for his extreme feats, fly a hot air balloon with the ride's logo on it over the Alps:

How is that for advertising?  Gardaland has already completed the track of the coaster, which will feature a new design of trains from B&M.  Riders will be suspended outside the edge of the track with nothing below their feet.  The park is now hard at work completing the ride's theming, which looks quite elaborate.

Gardaland also announced that they plan to open the coaster on April 1st, no joke.  You can find out more about Raptor from Gardaland here, which also includes an image of the ride's trains that is slowly being unveiled.