Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mike's Fill-In Brochure Spotlight: Six Flags Great America 2003

Going back into the not so distant past we arrive at Six Flags Great America circa 2003. The park is expanding once again with another blockbuster coaster - this time riders get to fly like Superman.

I like the design of this brochure - the cover certainly would attract my attention out of the army of pamphlets hiding in a rack at a rest stop.  Superman is undoubtedly a popular character, and how better than to pair him with a flying roller coaster?  A match made in roller coaster heaven for sure.

Indeed, guests could get their fill of superhero themed coasters while at Six Flags Great America.  How sweet of the park to give Batman The Ride some love and point out that it was the "world's first suspended, outside looping coaster."  At this park Batman is Superman's younger brother by 11 years.  Be sure to impress your friends with that little fun fact.

There's plenty to be found at the theme park that's not Hero related as well.  Plenty of other rides, including several mammoth coasters, live entertainment, special festivals, and even Bugs Bunny running around.  And take a gander at that map of all the Six Flags parks - world wide!  This was just before the end of that era when the name Six Flags was on parks across the globe.

And it's not every day that a kid can find a soft pretzel that's the size of his head.  Really, look at the photo on the left!


drew said...

Wow, they have actual images of a B&M flying coaster. For years, all of the promotional images for Superman: Ultimate Flight was a digitally repainted Batwing.

Unknown said...

Yay a brochure I actually have! haha ;)