Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Amusing Ads Archive - O.D. Hopkins 1993

In the 1990s if a park wanted a water ride one of the first companies they would turn to was O.D. Hopkins.  The company was known for their catalogue of ways to soak theme park guests - including the traditional log flume, river rapids ride, and shoot-the-chutes.

The company built many of the shoot the chutes at Six Flags parks, though quite a few of those have been removed.  The rest of the world is quite literally filled with them, too, as Hopkins supplied dozens and dozens of splash rides all over in various sizes.  Some of their river rapids include Thunder River at Lake Compounce and Blizzard River at Six Flags New England.  Their log flumes are equally popular - the company was highly involved in the hardware for Splash Mountain at the Disney Parks.