Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sea World San Diego 2012

Something big is on the horizon for Sea World San Diego, according to several new reports. 

The park currently has a bid invitation posted on a construction website that announces the project as "Sea World Manta Exhibit & Ride Attraction 2012."

They say good plans never die, and if you remember a couple years back Screamscape had some information about a planned coaster for the park which was lost in translation when the Busch parks were sold.  Now a few years later the concept is back, although modified and apparently themed around Mantas, much like Sea World Orlando's recent expansion.

The suspected site of the new coaster and exhibit

The Funland Blog was able to confirm that the park has plans to announce a new ride and exhibit next month for the park's 2012 season.  Screamscape has gone one step further and actually posted images of the ride's layout, and train design, which has everyone thinking this ride will be built by Mack.

The coaster looks like a zippy little ride, relying on launches instead of a lift hill to keep the attraction low to the ground.  Sea World Sand Diego has had major difficulty building tall rides anywhere near the water in the past.

If the attraction pans out as expected this will be a highly anticipated attraction.  It will only be the second of Mack's launched rides, the first being Blue Fire at Europa Park.