Monday, January 31, 2011

California Adventure Blue Sky Dreaming

Disney's cool new animated map

The Blue Sky Cellar at Disney California Adventure theme park has once again been refreshed, and the Magic Eye blog has tons of high quality photos of the changes made.

The preview center for all the expansions coming to the park in the near future changes regularly to keep up with current projects.  Right now the Little Mermaid attraction is in the spotlight, but there's plenty more to see.

Lots of art for the park's new entrance area, Buena Vista Street, can also be found.  The next round of changes to Paradise Pier, including Goofy's Sky School, are also featured.  There's even some hints of changes to come to the Hollywood section, which will help that land's theme become more cohesive.

A really neat animated park map has also debuted, which the Disney Parks Blog shared video of.  That alone would get me in there to check things out!  I love the Tower of Terror's lightning strike!