Thursday, September 18, 2008

Six Flags Great America 2009: Buccaneer Battle

Six Flags Great America has announced a new attraction for the park's 2009 lineup, Buccaneer Battle.

The attraction will be a Pirate themed Mack splash battle style ride, with 10 boats charting along a 450 ft. course. There will be themed music, sets, props, and more.

Of course riders will be armed with water cannons on their boats, as will spectators along the ride's path. Many of the interactive targets that will be found in the attraction will shoot water back at riders, making for a splashing good time.

The ride will be built in the former location of the Deja Vu roller coaster.

Here's an article about the ride.


Chris said...

SFGAm is really shaping up to be the family prototype model of the chain. Considering this year was the Dark Knight family coaster, and next year the park gets something clearly targetted at Disney's Pirates, this could get very interesting. Overall, couldn't be happier about next year's new ride installations from Six Flags. Between this and the Monster Plantation refurbishment at SFOG, their target segment is the family that can't afford the gas/plane tickets to Disney. If I only had money to buy stock....

Im Your Man! said...

I am really excited about this ride. I really hope Great Adventure & Magic Mountain get one soon. Hopefully they will post an animation!!