Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Disney Children's Hospital

© Disney, 2008

The Orlando Sentinel ran an article recently about the Disney Children's Hospital, which is being built at the Florida Hospital, and expected to open in 2010.

Disney has pledged $10 million to the project, which will renovate and add on to the hospital's existing pediatric wing. The concept art above is of the completed lobby for the hospital, which was designed by Disney Imagineers. The article says that at night the 3 story lobby area will come alive as the night sky with twinkling stars and all.

Pretty cool project and very nice of Disney to help make it happen.


Chris said...

Sounds like EXCELLENT PR by Disney. I'm surprised they didn't capitalize on the opportunity sooner. If this works out I wouldn't be surprised to see Disney to shop their hospital package around to the health care industry much like how they shopped their customer service training technique around to other service industry copanies.