Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Great America's Coaster Debate Goes Insane

I think that it's gone insane, anyway. They had the meeting to decide whether or not to approve (though they already had approved it, then took it back) the wooden coaster for California's Great America last night.

According to this article instead of making a decision about the ride they council voted to have Great America and the Prudential building people sit down and try to work things out. I actually don't even know what sarcastic comment to type regarding this decision, it just seems too silly for words.

Apparently they'll delay a decision - again - until the October 28th meeting while the park and the building owners stay in at recess until they can talk things out.

I can't imagine that the ride has any chance of opening in 2009 if approval comes that late in the year.

P.S. The park has been there 32 years. The office building 8. Which generates more tax revenues? This should not be a complicated decision.