Sunday, September 14, 2008

Dorney Park 9.14.08 Haunt Preview Update

Big update today, was able to head to the park though it was closed for a private event to do a pre-Haunt update for all the fans.

Let's start just inside the main entrance where this huge display has been set up.

There's a big box/cage, which is covered up for now, that is flanked by skeletons in a jail of sorts. It take up most of the entrance plaza and has the Haunt hearses on either side of it.

They've also created these huge electric power line towers that run from the Admissions building to behind the display, and connect to where that big covered up box/cage is.

A view of the back side. I know what's in the box, but since it's not uncovered I'd rather not say out of respect for whomever created this massive and awesome display! Let's just say that this will add quite a spark to the entrance of the park during the Haunt!

Here's a view of CornStalkers from Talon's exit path. You got some good views from the ride's station and while on the coaster, but obviously no photos from there.

This is the exit to CornStalkers, it's right at the Thunder Canyon plaza. As you can see, it's not totally set up. From what you could see though, it looks like tight corridors of corn with lots of props along the way.

A closer view of the not totally finished area. CornStalkers looks very creepy and really long. Should be a great haunt.

The arcade is closed, there was a lot of activity going on inside to prep for Doctor of Doom. As you can see a new sign has gone up for the haunted house.

I'm still lovin' that creepy clown.

Club Blood looks great from the outside, also. This is pretty much what you can see - they've added a ton of graffiti everywhere.

Oh no not lame old Halloweekends props in the same old spots! Just kidding, there's so much awesome new stuff that keeping some old, lame stuff is a-ok with me.

As reported on the DorneyParkOnline boards, Terror Square has been moved to the area in front of Thunder Creek Mountain. Here's the entrance to the scare zone.

Two close detail shots. I'm really glad they used this area for an outdoor haunt - the trees are so tall in this area it's just perfect.

Two props that are already out for the scare zone. Looks like our toilet skeleton is back this year, but now he's a cowboy!

Headstone Hollow is mostly setup as well. Here's the entrance structure.

A shot of one section of Headstone Hollow's walkway. They grabbed pretty much every headstone the park has had in years past and put it in this outdoor scare zone. Even the headstones for park rides of the past are in here now..

Well, now I no longer have to wonder where General Jack's Side Show Bizarro is taking place - it's in the blue and white tent that was formerly an outside of the park place to picnic.

You can read the acts from the photos, but this looks really awesome! It also says something about food as well, so it seems like a whole crazy side show carnival area. I can't wait to see this all in action and lit up with those creepy carny lights.

The entrance to the area - it was still being used today as a place to eat for the private event so the tables haven't been removed yet.

They've strung up a bunch of lights and flags and such, and there's some other stage type stuff being built in here as well.

That's all I got folks. The Haunt at Dorney Park starts in two weeks!