Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dorney Park 9.23.08 Park/Haunt Update

I was able to make it out for one last visit to Dorney Park before The Haunt starts this coming Saturday. The park is in full Haunt mode, and a ton more decorations and props have gone out since my last update, and the scare zones are looking almost complete.

They put up this awesome entrance sign and props for CornStalkers at the entrance to the pathway to the waterpark, which is now closed for the season. How awesome is that tall windmill? They have some authentic, old farming equipment laying about as well.

Another awesome sign. You can't get any good photos of CornStalkers anymore, the Thunder Canyon plaza was closed off today. What you could see from a distance looked great, though.

Skeletons have started to climb up the 'power line towers' that are in the entrance plaza, a part of that big display they have set up. Perhaps they want to play a role in the shocking experience that the main entrance area will be during The Haunt.

The walls for Club Blood have been taken down, giving us a view to the attraction. You can see all the graffiti that has be painted all over, and the attraction's sign. It's hard to see but there are tons of old car parts and junkyard type stuff laying all throughout the queue area.

Terror Square has had a ton of work done on it in the last week. They have added a bunch of props and barriers that make these usually wide paths surprisingly tight. Skeletons and authentic looking (must have done a lot of auction shopping this summer) props are everywhere. The bottom photo above shows how they blocked off the area to make it a longer, single direction path.

Two photos I included just because I like them. The top is of that awesome skeleton horse rider that is an old prop from one of the park's old Haunted attractions. Bottom is a bunch of lazy looking skeletons sitting on a bench waiting to be placed in the area. Just made for a cute photo.

I think things didn't end so well for the above cowboys...

The props are really elaborate, this is a setup that's not quite set-up yet, but there's an old bathtub in there, and lots more old stuff. Maybe a saloon of some sort? Terror Square is going to be fantastic.

Headstone Hollow is also totally different from last week. Now, like in Terror Square, the pathways - which are very wide in this part of the park - have been closed off with coffins, old fencing, and giant tombstones. They are everywhere! Right in the middle of the midway. Filled with fog and monsters this is going to be great fun!

Jack also showed up near the entrance area to General Jack's Sideshow Bizarro. This is an animated prop that I'm sure will scare the turds out of myself and plenty of others.

The Haunt at Dorney Park starts in 6 days!