Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Clementon Park 2004 Brochure

Here is Clementon Amusement Park's 2004 brochure.

New for 2004 was Tsunami, a wooden coaster designed and built by S&S Power.

But then that really bad Tsunami took place and the ride was known as J2. This year, it was again renamed and this time the moniker is Hell Cat.

Clementon Amusement Park has a very popular water park as well. This year they expanded by adding Laguna Kahuna, a big family water play area. I saw a ton of commercials for the park this past summer, with the nice warm weather the Northeast had this summer I'm sure the attraction was a hit.

The park also has a wicked looking Log Flume. It goes out over the water and looks like a great deal of fun.

The park is still having Halloscreams, in fact that's the main item being advertised on the park's webpage.