Monday, September 22, 2008

More Wooden Construction Updates

Coaster Community has a thread going that features some rather interesting construction photos of Prowler at Worlds of Fun.

They were able to visit the park and take a tour of the work site, which allows great views of the ride's wooded location. They also have a picture of Prowler's blueprints that answers any lingering questions about how the ride will be placed in the park.

Here's the link to that thread.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is also highly rumored to be adding a GCI wooden coaster for 2009. If you remember it's said that it will be themed to next summer's new Terminator movie.

Well, some work has finally started at the park behind Deja Vu, though it can't be proven it's for the coaster. There's some photos in this thread over at Theme Park Review. It does look like there are stacks of wood and a construction trailer on site, though.

Here's the thread with the photos.