Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hard Rock's Woes

Here's another article that's detailing the problems that Hard Rock Park has been having with their attendance levels in their first season.

To the park's credit this summer was hardly a great one for tourism with the economy in a slump, but many wonder if the park's location and pricing structure (i.e. way too much) hurt the park's season.

HRP has cut operating days down to three days a week for September and October, and nothing has been released for after that. To me, that sounds like they will probably close until spring.

The park looks great, just not fully developed. Here's hoping that it can see enough years go by for that development to take place.


dwitos079 said...

All they need to do is lower admissions prices and people will come. I was not going to spend 50 bucks to get in there. The economy helps that but I don't know how willing people would be to spend that much money to begin with. I was down in Myrtle Beach and I would have surely gone if it was more affordable.

DrewJ said...

Even if the economy was good or great, no business should expect a turn around in just a few months!