Monday, September 1, 2008

Worlds Of Fun's Prowler

Worlds of Fun has announced the full details of the new for 2009 wooden coaster, Prowler. The GCII coaster will cost $8 million, be 3,074 ft. long and start with an 85 ft drop that will kick things off at 51 mph.

From there things are rather different for a GCI ride, as they've abandoned their typically twister style design. This ride will be fast and low to the ground, with no high hills to be found after the lift.

Looks like Worlds of Fun could have a major hit on their hands if this thing runs as fast as it could. It also uses a natural ravine to give a ride a total of 102 ft of elevation change, which is obviously a lot more than the first drop.

The park has a full website up for the ride, which can be seen here. There's lots of videos and stuff to check out.