Monday, September 15, 2008

Six Flags 2009 Announcements

Just like last year, Six Flags has started to announce their new attractions for the 2009 season in groups. Here's what has been announced today - it seems these are perhaps the smaller additions for the year - some of the parks with rumored bigger rides have not announced yet.

Six Flags Over Georgia has announced that they will be redoing their Monster Plantation darkride into Monster Mansion for 2009.

Garry Goddard Entertainment will be creating the renovated ride with a mix of old and new characters as well as updated special effects. The ride first opened in 1981. It's pretty awesome of Six Flags to be investing in their dark rides.

The Great Escape announced a new thrill ride for the 2009 season, Sasquatch. Two 192 ft. tall towers will blast riders to the top, and then let them freefall back down. Rumor has is these are the S&S tower rides from the closed Six Flags New Orleans property.

The Great Escape will also premier their new Holiday in the Park event during the winter of 2009. To top off the expansions they will spend over a million dollars to renovate their Beer Garden food service area.

Six Flags St. Louis is seeing another significant expansion for the 2009 season. The waterpark side of the property, Hurricane Harbor, will be adding the WahooRacer, a 6 lane Proslide racing water slide. Groups will 'race' down the slide at 35 mph to the victory line starting Memorial Day of next year.

The park will also add their very own Glow In The Park parade. 6 custom floats will light up the park each night during the summer months.

Six Flags Over Texas will also debut their own Glow in the Park Parade in 2009. With the park's Cirque Coolibra show leaving after this year, the park wanted to keep the nighttime entertainment going - so the parade was a natural choice.

Texas' will also reflect Texan pride with a float that has cowboys and ten-gallon hats.

Six Flags New England will also X2-ify their Superman roller coaster. The press release mentions fog banks, flame bursts, and new onboard audio. I always believed in "if it ain't broke don't fix it" but will reserve judgement for after the changes are made.


Chris said...

Wow, well SFoG is clearly getting my season pass money next year. It's very exciting to see that they did not go the Snoopy's Haunted Mansion shoot-em-up route. I see great days ahead with the Gary Goddard partnership.