Tuesday, July 29, 2008

No More GCI for CA Great America in '09?

File this in the potential bummer category, according to this opinion piece out of the Santa Clara Weekly, Cedar Fair might have to delay plans to build the GCI wooden coaster at California's Great America in 2009.

Even though the ride was approved, it seems that the Prudential building is still causing a fuss and now things are once again up in the air with the Planning Commission until mid-August, which the writer says is too late for Cedar Fair's taste.

Of course all this is wrapped in speculation that the Prudential building is trying to mess with Cedar Fair for their negotiations with the 49ers regarding that darn stadium. Personally, I still think that Cedar Fair would sell the park to them in a heartbeat and never look back if the price was right...

If this does end up falling through, could CA Great America's loss be Dorney Park's gain? We'll see.


Chris said...

Looks to me like Cedar Fair is looking for an excuse to wait a year till the dust on the stadium deal settles. It's a pretty smart move- a wood coaster is much more expensive to move than a steel coaster. Look at the fate of the Villain! It was a child compared to the age of other wood coasters.

I agree, better yet- put it up at Dorney. But where? Could always put in a parking structure and use the lot!

NewsPlusNotes said...

I think the wooden coaster has also been used to show that they'll invest in the park if they get what they want with the 49ers.

But if they really want to sell to the team then I can't imagine they'll still put in the ride. Why spend the cash?

dwitos079 said...

Sounds terrific lets have it go to dorney. I think though that mr newsplusnotes is right. When else has Cedar Fair said they are going to build a ride and give the plans 2 years before the fact and prior to any work being done. Not to mention using a stock photo of renegade.