Saturday, July 12, 2008

Big Dipper Drama Continues

So the American Coaster Enthusiasts have put out a press release to clarify their position on what took place with all the Big Dipper from Geauga Lake drama.

Apparently the company who purchased the ride, Apex Western Machinery Movers has now offered ACE both the Big Dipper and Wolf Bobs for free - well free so long as ACE hires the company to move the rides.

The catch is ACE has no where to go with the rides, and this Apex wants 2 to 3 times as much to move them as another company had already estimated for the club.

ACE also sites shady discussions and a court case filed against Mr. Woosnam (who's representing Apex here) after another auction as reasons why Apex's offer smells like a rat.

There are one too many crazies in this situation. The only way The Dipper will survive is if Cedar Fair picks the land use bid that involves using the ride 'as is' in a mixed use area - and I doubt that'll ever happen.