Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June Poll Results

This past month I asked what two Six Flags parks deserve the two Great Coasters Int. wooden coasters that the chain ordered for 2009. (still a rumor, not like Six Flags secretly told me ... but a rather strong rumor at that)

Even before the news about Six Flags Magic Mountain's rumored Terminator themed wooden coaster broke, the park was leading the poll. It ended up with 26% of the vote, significantly more than any other park. Clearly you guys want Six Flags Magic Mountain to build a GCI woodie!

Six Flags Great America came in second with 12% of the total vote. I can't say I disagree with you guys on this one, I think a GCI would compliment the park's current ride lineup rather nicely. Not sure if it's in the works too soon, though.

Six Flags New England and Six Flags Great Adventure came in third with 10% each. Six Flags New England now has rumors flying that they will be adding a wooden coaster so maybe those dreams will come true. Six Flags Great Adventure already has El Toro so I'm not sure another wood coaster will appear any time soon.

The rest of the Six Flags parks sorta fell to the bottom of the stack, though it should be noted that Six Flags Over Texas is also rumored to be the recipient of the other wooden coaster. I'm sure we'll all know for sure sooner than later...

Thanks for voting and the new poll should go up soon!