Monday, July 14, 2008

Geauga Land Update

According to this news article, three separate bids on land that used to be Geauga Lake amusement park are moving forward, with one part already under contract. Each bid is for a different part of the property breaking it down to 100 acres on the western side, 11 acres with the Geauga Lake hotel, and 440 acres that contains the actual ride part of the park.

One bidder (there were 4, originally) has withdrawn, and from what the article says it's clearly the firm that wanted to keep the Big Dipper coaster in place and build a mixed use area around it. That bid had loose connections to ACE and with all that drama ... I'm not surprised.

It's rumored that most likely we'll see big box stores and some sort of housing development on the land that used to be the park.


Justin said...

Ugh. There is few things more insulting then using land to build big box retail.