Saturday, July 5, 2008

Kings Island 2009 Teaser Signs

© 2008 Robbie Zerhusen /

Here's a link to a gallery at KICentral of photos taken at the park yesterday for the 4th of July celebrations.

There's lots of photos of all the special events that took place, like the amazing tightrope walks and fireworks, but also of some teaser signs that have gone up around the 2009 construction site.

They have several different slogans on them, but one of them is "Ride, Sally, Ride." This is obviously from the song Mustang Sally, and Mustang has been the rumored name for the ride for a while now ... so it looks like we can put 2 and 2 together here on this one.

If Mustang really is the name, well, I like it!