Thursday, July 3, 2008

Help Move Geauga's HayBaler

© Theme-Park-Urge via ThemeParkReview

The Geauga County Historical Society would like to move the Haybaler building from Geauga Lake and use it as a display area for Geauga Lake Amusement memorabilia.

A photo of the building is above, the ride that was inside was sold for scrap, but the structure itself is in good shape and would make a wonderful building to house memories of the currently-being-bulldozed park.

The society needs to be able to act fast in order to make this plan a reality. Funds and volunteers, and especially funds, are needed to make the project take place. The time frame on this one is short, so if this interests you please do not wait to take action.

Donations can be made over the phone, at 440-834-1492, or sent to the Society at PO Box 153, Burton, OH 44021. Because of quick nature of the project, it would be good to let the society know that you will be sending a donation beforehand. You can also let them know by sending an e-mail to or if you have any questions.

But remember, time is of the essence on this one!