Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kings Island 2009 Plans

Dayton Daily News has published photos of the blueprints for Kings Island's new B&M hypercoaster for 2009.

There's really no surprises here, though, as the layout is exactly what was leaked in First Drop magazine last year, the water splash was already assumed because it's built, and the trains will have seating like Behemoth.

The article that's with the photos says the ride is estimated at 4,200 ft. but they say that's off of scale drawings - but this article also has typos in it and says the ride will have "3 loops" so take that for what it's worth (i'm guessing not much).

I like the drawings of the station, though, looks like they'll lightly themed it and not just have a big concrete and metal blob like Behemoth's. Ride, Sally, ride!


U BRING ME JOI said...

Wow! I'm not a fan of coasters though there is a Six Flags 5 minutes away from me, I heard you could see my house from the top of one...
Nice post!